The 5th Annual Freeze Your Tush Off for charity ocean dip will take place on January 1, 2014 at 11AM at the Winter Island Park boat ramp.
The dip takes place regardless of the weather and there is no requirement to get wet. Please support our cause by collecting donations, having your friends sponsor you for getting wet to start the new year or just showing up to cheer us on! Get a team of dippers together!!! Contact Becky Christie at 978-580-5016 with any questions or if you wish to donate to the Pantry or have a raffle item to give ! Refreshments and raffles will be available in the function hall nearby after the dip.

Right now, people need your help!
Ask your friends to donate, sponsor a swimmer or bring canned goods the day of the swim.
We can help stop hunger on the North Shore!! JOIN US!

Join us for a dip to start off the new year or come to cheer on those of us who dare to dip. Representatives from the Salem Pantry will be present to accept donations of cash, checks or canned/staple goods. If you want to volunteer, please go to the CONTACT tab and fill out a form! This event is purely voluntary and all proceeds go to the Salem Pantry.


Contact the Salem Pantry to learn how you can help TODAY!
Call 978-744-3224 or Send an email

Contact us to learn how you can be a part of the 2014 Freeze Your Tush Off charity celebration

Disclaimer: The Freeze Your Tush Off ocean dip is not responsible for injury or damages incurred while at the Winter Island boat ramp, swimming or watching. All swimmers enter the water at their own risk. Water temperatures average 36-40 degrees. Swimmers should have supporters on the beach with warm clothing, including a hat. Please wear shoes as underwater can be rocky or be strewn with glass from litterers. You can donate, collect money form your friends or bring canned goods without having to enter the water. There are no requirements to swim. This event is not sanctioned in any way by any entity. Logos or websites noted are providing support only.